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MOTHER'S COOKBOOK: Over 500 Recipes
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My mother, Delsa Owen Murray, was an exceptional cook. She loved to collect recipe books, attend cooking demonstrations, and create culinary delights. Mother lost both of her parents when she was a teenager so she hired herself out as a cook and housekeeper to a wealthy family in her area. It was this sojourn as a cook where she first perfected her skills. Mother’s mother immigrated to the United States from England and brought her family recipes with her. In addition, my father’s mother was a renowned cook who owned the Murray’s Chickadee Café in South Salt Lake, Utah – famous for chicken and meat pies, buttery rolls, and lemon meringue pie. My mother incorporated favorite recipes from both her mother’s and mother-in-law’s cookbooks. She modified many of the recipes to improve them and make them her own. I was fortunate enough to inherit Mother’s binders with all her recipes. I am excited to share them with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as our family does.

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