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Online Feedback Using Phrase Express®

When you teach in an online classroom, your discussion with your students and their assignments are all electronic. I have been teaching at University of Phoenix Online for 16 years. Before that, I taught at Utah's Electronic High School. In order to prepare (and save for reuse) lectures, post daily discussion posts, and provide extensive feedback when grading, I use PhraseExpress™. I can post a lecture, paragraph, or feedback with just the touch of a button or with a hotkey.

Excerpt from Chapter 2

How to Create a New Phrase

In Chapter 1, I explained all the reasons why I use PhraseExpress™. In this chapter, I will discuss ways to create phrases.

The easiest way to create a new phrase is to highlight existing text and press CTRL-ALT-C. For example, I may create a response to a student who asks a question. If my response is something I might want to use again the next time I teach this course, I will spend a few extra minutes to format it properly and carefully proofread. When the response is perfect, I will highlight the text and press CTRL-ALT-C (or CMD-ALT-C on a Macintosh). You will see a dialog box like the following:

We will learn about each of the items on the dialog box later in this chapter. For now, enter a SHORT title for this phrase in the Description field. The only other thing to do at this point is to decide on the formatting for the Save As field. If the phrase is straight text with no formatting, use "Unformatted Text." This format allows you to use all the strength of PhraseExpress™ including macros to customize your phrase.

If your phrase has some bold, underline, or italics text, use "Formatted text". Finally, if you also have colored text and images, copy your phrase into Microsoft Word® (if it's not already there) and use "Word Format". Word Format will reproduce the phrase exactly as you have written it; however, you cannot use macros to customize your phrase (and Word Format uses a lot more memory to store the phrase).

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