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Welcome to My Website

Welcome to my website where you'll find a collection of tutorials, tips & techniques, recipes, mathematics lessons, and educational teaching/learning resources. The majority of my site is entirely FREE and without any registration requirements. You may browse anonymously as long as you like. Some areas of my website contain premium content for which you must obtain an account.

As you can see from the menu below, there are eight areas on my website: Mathematics, Student Resources, Timer, Jing, Recipes, My Books, Contact Me, and User Login. Hover over each menu item to read a short description of the area. Click on a menu item to go to that area.

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This area of my website contains mini-movies, tutorials, handouts, and other resources to help you learn mathematics. Premium content in the mathematics sub-site consists of Praxis I & II study resources and learning resources for the University of Phoenix math classes that I teach. The mini-movies in the premium area are available for download to iPad, iPhone, Android devices, and to both Windows and Macintosh computers. Flashcards in the Praxis area can be imported into Anki.



Student Resources

This area of my Web site contains extra notes and handouts for my online students. You'll find my collection of "25 Tips", Quick Reference Cards, APA resources, Writing Tips, and miscellaneous tips.

Break Timer

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Break Timer

When I am teaching a class, I often need a timer for when we take breaks or for when students are working on a timed activity. The timer page allows you to set the countdown for up to 99 minutes.


Share Ideas Instantly with Jing

Simple and FREE, Jing is the perfect way to enhance your fast-
paced online converstations. Create images and videos of what
you see on your computer screen, then share them instantly!

My Mother's Recipes

My grandmother was a master cook. She owned a family restaurant in Salt Lake City called the Chickadee. She was famous for her chicken pies, beef pies, and fruit pies.

My mother was an even better cook. She inherited my grandmother's recipes plus created hundreds of her own. Mother developed a recipe for bread rolls that are out of this world!

This section of my website shares those recipes with you (in PDF, Kindle, and Nook formats).


My Books

This area of my website features books I have written for the Kindle, Sony, and Nook e-book readers. My books are also available as PDF files.

My favorite book is a system for successful weight loss -- it is a diet book that doesn't contain a diet. Instead, it promotes a transition to a healthy life style called A Tweak a WeekSM.


Contact Me

March 2014