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Organize, Streamline, & De-Clutter Your Kitchen

I recently moved from a large home (2200 square feet on each of two floors) to a small, two bedroom home in Phoenix, Arizona. I went from a 400 square foot kitchen with a separate pantry of 100 square feet to a small kitchen of 144 square feet including the pantry. This size difference posed a major problem in finding places for all the kitchen pots, pans, appliances, and utensils. I did extensive research to find ways to organize my kitchen. There were many websites with a few tips but I couldn't find a book to help with the entire project -- so I wrote my own book. In my book, I explain over 250 ways to organize, streamline, and de-clutter your kitchen. Below is just one of them:

Excerpt from Chapter 11

Use a Stove Cover

I purchased a large cutting board that rests on top of my stove that adds over 4 sq. ft. of counter space. The cutting board comes in three styles: black with legs, black without legs, and white with legs. The styles with legs fit over the gas or coil burners of your stove. The style without legs is for a glass stove top. I have a glass stove top but wanted a white cutting board, so I bought the white one with legs and cut off the legs when it arrived. I could have purchased several other types of white cutting boards but this model has other features I wanted. It has handles on it so I can move it easily when I want to cook on the range (I could also use it as a large serving tray). The edges of this one are raised so no liquid spills out over the edge, it is the perfect size for my stove top, and it cleans up very easily. It is made of high-impact ABS plastic so it is heat resistant and protects my glass stove top. Of all the changes I made to organize, streamline, and de-clutter my kitchen, this was the best one.

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CUTTING BOARD: The first box below is a link to more information about my white cutting board.

GAP PROTECTOR: Before I got the stove-to-counter-gap protector, food and liquids would fall between the stove and counter. It was messy and difficult to clean. You'll see in the photo above that I have a white gap protector on either side of the stove. The gap protector comes in black, white, and clear. I chose white. The second box below is a link to more information about the gap protector.

OXO UTENSIL ORGANIZER: To the right of my stove is where I keep all my cooking utensils. They are organized in an OXO stainless steel organizer. The third box below is a link to more information about the OXO utensil organizer.

SILICONE SPATULA SET I prefer silicone utensils because they don't scratch non-stick surfaces, they don't rust, and they withstand high temperatures. My favorite utensil is a spoon spatula. It is important to get utensils that are made with one piece of silicone. Those utensils that have a gap between the handle and the head do not hold up well. The final box below is a link to more information about the silicone spatula set I have.


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