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I was overweight, pre-diabetic, and had high cholesterol. I purchased many diet books; I joined fitness centers; and I tried weight-loss groups or systems. Nothing seemed to work for very long -- I always gained back the weight. Then I discovered a system that works for me. I can make one small lifestyle change each week and slowly lose the weight I needed. I call this system Tweak-a-Week™ and I'll share it with you. It may work for you when other plans don't.

Before you begin this lifestyle change (or any change to your physical routine), you should consult your medical doctor. Also ask your doctor to take several blood tests so you can have some baseline data for comparison later on. Your doctor will know best what tests you need, but be sure to include cholesterol, hA1c (blood sugar), and Vitamin D. Also record your weight, height, and blood pressure.

Use a Food & Fitness Journal

A journal is a great motivator. It will track your committment and your progress. There are probably a thousand journal formats for losing weight and making lifestyle changes. The one above is the one I designed and use. I fold it up and keep it in my pocket throughout the day to record on it whenever I eat or exercise. It keeps track of the week's tweak; it has places to record important measurements such as weight, body fat, and number of steps each day; it has lines to record what you eat and what fitness exercises you perform; and it's available as a free download: Jolene's Tweak-a-Week Food & Fitness Journal

Affiliate Links for More Information

FITBIT® PEDOMETER: I strongly recommend the Fitbit pedometer. Fitbit has several styles -- the majority of them are built into a wrist band. A wrist band pedometer measures arm movements so it won't work for me. I do most of my fitness on a treadmill -- my arms seldom swing back and forth. The model called ZIP works only as a pedometer and you can put it in your pocket to measure steps. The model called ONE, which is the one I have, measures steps and sleep. I just leave it in my pants pocket throughout the day and it automatically syncs with my computer and phone. I have to rechage it (USB) about once a week (it sends me an e-mail message when the battery is running low). It works wirelessly to sync with your computer and/or phone.

FITBIT® ARIA SCALE: I also recommend the Fitbit Aria Scale. This scale works wirelessly to sync with your computer and/or phone so all your fitbit data is in one place. Other than the fact that the Aria scale automatically feeds data into your computer and/or phone, the reason I like it is you can stand on it with bare feet and get both your weight and your body fat percentage. Many people weigh themselves only once a week, but I use the Aria scale every morning before I dress and eat breakfast.

COMPLETE FOOD COUNTER BOOK: I love this book because it contains a listing for every food I could possibly eat. It gives the calories, protein, fat, cholestorol, carbohydrates, fiber, and sodium amounts for each listing.

HEALTH O'METER DIGITAL MEASURING TAPE: I like this measuring tool because I can take my own measurements and don't have to have anyone else helping me. The 60-inch extendable tape accurately measures up to 8 body part circumferences in inches or centimeters. Digital memory stores prior readings so you can monitor changes.


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